Where Is Your Inner Spartan?

Jordan Reyes Spartan Spirit Campaign

And Where Does The Power Come From To See The Race To Its End?… It Comes From Within ...

Accompany, Support and Help Fund this Excellent Female Athlete and Mother of 3 on her Path to the Trifecta World Championship Races in Sparta Greece, Nov 2-5, 2023.

The Beginning

Personal Transformation

In the quiet meandering landscape of the western North Carolina mountains, a determined woman decides to embark on a profound journey of transformation.Born into a world shadowed by childhood trauma, she found inspiration for her new life path via the love and boundless energy of her 3 precious children amid a renewed hope and purpose in the resounding power of sport - the Spartan Races.It was the vision of a better future for herself and her children that ignited the burning desire within her to not only be the devoted mother and unwavering bedrock she had yearned for in her own life, but lead her children by her own example of courage, desire and vision to become the best possible version of themselves by embracing the personal values of the Spartan Spirit with their mother.

Courage: Facing Life’s Hard Truths

The Ultimate Test

Nothing is as daunting as to scale the insurmountable mountain of our inner doubt.We all fail at certain times in our lives, but it is the hallmark of an indomitable human spirit to keep on trying to overcome our inner obstacles and thus vanquish self-doubt and fear. Jordan's life story demonstrates yo all humans - wherever they may be - that there is always hope.This hope transforms into the raw courage needed to transact the necessary changes and alter the trajectory of our lives.All of us can now support Jordan in her quest to bring this positive message with its related physical activities and attributes yo those who struggle in their lives and have not yet experienced their personal “Eureka” moment of victory over internal doubt and fear that have held them back from reaching their highest potential.

Vision: The Right Path

The Proper Path?

Choosing the proper path is but a vital metaphor for life, as we formulate and constantly question our goals and aspirations. All this occurs from the perspective of our personal life experiences and our resulting understanding of who we are and what is of the highest importance in our lives .Once Jordan had established who she was and what her aims and goals were, she set out to construct a positive path for herself and her family’s life journey.What she had identified and established first was her full focus on the needs of her children, while simultaneously creating a career In which she assists struggling men and women In overcoming their own life obstacles in the capacity as personal coach and trainer. Reaching improved physical strength targets and embraces better health with an eye on nutrition adjustments which most often is the first step to a better life.This new choice is a long shot from her original career dream in the field of Criminal Justice, but Jordan feels that this path is personally more rewarding and satisfying, with results instantly tangible and changing her client’s outlook on life. Thus, her future professional path will embrace the internal and external value achievements of Spartan Racing to a broader population.

Devotion: The Power of a Mother’s Love

Transformational Change

There is nothing that defines human love and existence quite like a mother’s devotion to her children. It is the driving force of virtually all of her thoughts and actions.As Jordan ventured along her path of self-discovery as a woman and mother, she realized that her children were not merely bystanders, but the integral catalysts in her complete physical, emotional and mental change. They became her driving force, her reason to rise above the adversity that had once defined her life.Jordan instinctively understood that by transforming herself, she could break the cycle of pain and emotional fragility and create a better future for herself and her beloved children and be the pillar of support that she had craved in her own upbringing.With iron determination, she immersed herself in the challenges of her newly-found athletic pursuit of Spartan Racing, seeking not only joy and a sense of personal Redemption, but actively involving her children in the fun of Spartan Racing by enrolling them in Races For Kids.Hence, throughout her personal journey, Jordan realized that this total transformation encompassed more than just “racking up" physical strength—it provided a new base line for her and her children’s future life, providing an increased sense of mental fortitude, emotional resilience and a new outlook on her future life and professional career.

Competition: Ultimate Skill Training

What Defines True Competition In Life?

There are two kinds of competition - one is measuring yourself against others, but the more important competition is the one where we excel within and overcome all self-imposed inner boundaries, doubts and obstacles we have placed in our minds that hold us back from reaching our true potential.

Success: How Should One Define It?

Life Success: Having More Or Being More?

True success is best measured by the victory of the will over our deepest fears that force individuals into giving up their dreams and human potential. It is the ultimate fight and fire within us that drives us on to higher heights and be more than we ever imagined. In the end, life is about being more rather than merely having more.

Sparta - The First Home Of True Courage
The 2023 Sparta Trifecta World Championship Races Nov 2-5

Sparta - The First Home of True Courage

Winner: Person That Overcomes Challenges

No Limits To Success

Even though Jordan has devoted no more than the past year to competitive Spartan Racing, she has been invited to participate In the Trifecta World Championship Races in Sparta, Greece.An astounding accomplishment and a testament to the power Jordan has developed from within.Jordan exudes this true spirit of a Spartan Racer - defying the odds and overcoming every obstacle and barrier life placed in her path.  She is a true winner in everyone’s book - a winner without limits because she chose her proper path.Support this excellent and dedicated athlete - she deserves all our support on her way to Sparta - so that she may bring back another personal victory to her home - the western North Carolina mountains of Hendersonville.

Communication: Contact and Direct Support

Please Support, Donate and Stay In Touch !!!

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There is no level of support or donation that is deemed too small or insignificant.
You may choose various avenues of support - the direct funding of her GoFundMe campaign site, and/ or the KickStarter site if you would like to support the documentary we are currently filming as part of Jordan’s path to Sparta, culminating in full coverage of Jordan's Trifecta World Championship Races in Sparta, Greece on Nov 2-5, 2023.

A Final Word

Gratitude and Thank You !!

Jordan and her support team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals, groups and companies that have elected to support her in her quest for Sparta.We will continuously update this and all related sites and social media feeds with the latest news on Jordan’s Spartan Races, leading up to the World Championship Races on November 2-5, 2023 in Sparta, Greece.Jordan expresses her deep personal gratitude to all those who actively support her on her journey.

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